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            Formulation and Solutions

            Concept formulation

            Apart from excipients and raw material ,we offer concept development. Together with our suppliers we can help you formulate new product tailored to your target group-we have for instance developed a beauty-from-within and brian -health concept.

            Customized package sizes

            Kangcare can offer customized package sizes and thereby help you optimize at your Production line.


            We offer health and beauty solutions to any customer who is focusing on the application of bioactive ingredients. These solutions including:

            2 Maternal & infant health

            2 Cardiovascular health

            2 Gut health

            2 Bone & joint health

            2 Brain health

            2 Eye health

            2 Cancer prevention

            2 Diabetes management

            2 Energy & endurance

            2 Anti-oxidation

            2 Skin care

            2 Hair care

            2 Weight management

            2 Sports Nutrition

            2 Women's health

            2 Immune fortification

            Welcome to contact us to know how our innovative ingredients and solutions help you to transfer your idea to finished product that will be popular with your customers.

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