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            Lutision? Lutein








            Lutision? Lutein


            Lutision? Lutein is an antioxidant that quenches or reduces harmful free radicals in various parts of the boby exposed to light, especially eyes and skin.

            Lutein is a human serum carotenoid which is not synthesized by humans and thus must be obtained by the ingestion of food containing it such as fruits and vegetables, or from food supplement. LutisionTM Lutein (free lutein) is isolated from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta), which comprises primarily free lutein, as well as smaller amounts of zeaxanthin.

            CAS No: 127-40-2;
            EINECS No.: 204-840-0
            INCI name: Xanthophyll
            Chemical Formula: C40H56O2
            Molecular Weight: 568.88
            Botanical source:Tagetes erecta L.
            Used part: Marigold flower

            Package:25kg/Plastic bottle;or according to customers' requirements.
            Storage:Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight.
            Shelf Life:2 years if sealed and stored properly.






            1.Micro powder


            5%Beadlet TDS/PDF/B-2/2018.05.08/2018.05.18

            5%Beadlet CWS TDS/PDF/B-3/2018.05.09/2018.05.18

            5%powder CWS TDS/PDF/B-4/2018.05.09/2018.05.18



            20% TDS/PDF/B-3/2018.05.10/2018.05.18

            5%Lutein+1%Zeaxanthin TDS/PDF/B-0/2018.05.10/2018.05.18

            3.Feed Grade


            2%-4% TDS/PDF/B-3/2018.05.14/2018.05.18

            4.Lutein Oil-Suspension


            20% TDS/PDF/B-2/2018.05.15/2018.05.18
            20%Lutein+4%Zeaxanthin TDS/PDF/B-0/2018.05.17/2018.05.18

            5. Lutein Esters

            5%、10%powder;20%Oil Suspension

            5%powder CWS TDS/PDF/B-2/2018.05.15/2018.05.18

            5%powder TDS/PDF/B-2/2018.05.16/2018.05.18

            20%Oil Suspension TDS/PDF/B-2/2018.05.16/2018.05.18


            1. What is the main application of LutisionTM?

            LutisionTM lutein can be used in food supplement, cosmetics and animal feed.

            2. What is the solubility of LutisionTM?

            Lutein is oil-soluble. But we have LutisionTM lutein Beadlet CWS/B and TAB, which are soluble in water

            3. I want to apply the LutisionTM into the tablet, and which spec of product shall I choose?

            You can choose the LutisionTM TAB, and it’s suitable for tablet and hard capsules.

            4. Is LutisionTM lutein Beadlet gelatin-free?

            No. LutisionTM lutein Beadlet CWS/B and TAB are fish gelatin embedded. The individual particles containing lutein are finely dispersed in the matrix of gelatin and sucrose, coated with corn starch. Ascorbyl palmitate and dl-tocopherol are added as antioxidants.

            5. What’s the oil component in the LutisionTM lutein oil suspension?

            It’s sunflower seeds oil.

            6. Is the zeaxanthin in the lutein not good?

            No. Zeaxanthin is the sister compound of lutein, and exists in the marigold flower with it. It’s beneficial to human health, and protects us from the risk of macular degeneration and cardiovascular diseases.

            7. Do you offer related technical support?

            Yes. We can supply you with professional technical support on your need. Any problems, just feel free to contact us.

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