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            Oroyal? Gamma Oryzanol





            Play an important role in food


            Play an important role in food

            Human Nutrition

            Stabilisation of fats, frying oils and fried products

            Gamma oryzanol is an organic radical scavenger able to prevent lipoperoxidation. Moreover, it shows a dose-dependent increase of the induction times; in particular, it improved the oxidative stability of oils with high contents of PUFAs, which are prone to peroxidation.

            Stabilisation and development of other food products

            Beef patties containing gamma oryzanol had higher oxidative stability during storage than did beef patties with other antioxidants. The cooked beef containing c-oryzanol gave the lowest TBARS values, warmedover flavour scores, and C 7 -oxidised cholesterol, hydroperoxide and hexanal levels.

            Athletic uses

            Gamma oryzanol is a plant sterol. It can exert steroid like activity if the subject is physically active (is exercising). An unpublished study by Bucci, L., Stiles, J., Sparks, W., and DeLuca, D., 1987, compared anabolic steroid users to those athletes supplemented with gamma oryzanol. Initially, the anabolic steroid users showed greater gains in girth measurements, but by 16 weeks, the gamma oryzanol users exhibited greater girth measurement increases that all steroid users, without ANY side effects! And the dose for gamma oryzanol is low, 75mg to 150mg a day.

            Function food

            Gamma oryzanol is used as a ingredient for function food cause it has many important role for human being.

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