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            Market Watch-Gamma Oryzanol&Vitamins&Methionine


            Gamma Oryzanol

            Price of gamma oryzanol keeps increasing. Some suppliers offer prices which are 150~190 CNY/KG above market price. The reason for price increase is that the price of the raw material used to produce gamma oryzanol increased. Price of the main raw material, rice bran oil, has increased by 8,000.00 CNY/TON. In spite of this, better price can still be expected for large quantity. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price will be.

            As the news spread that a fire occured in the workshop of a factory located in Zhejiang Province, some manufacturers of vitamin A and vitamin E are refusing to quote. The vitamin market is receiving lots of attention. Vitamin D3 suppliers insist on their current price, without any signs of lowering the price. They focus on overseas market. Due to environment protection policy, vitamin B12 is in short supply, therefore, its price keeps increasing.


            The trade friction between China and U.S. has pushed soybean price up. Meanwhile, price of crude oil keeps increasing. As a result, price of methionine will maintain stable growth, but due to the less prosperous domestic breeding industry, compared with overseas area, there will be limited price increase in domestic China.

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