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            Market Watch-Resveratrol&L-Leucine&Vitamin K2



            Resveratrol 98% HPLC, Supply Shortage Drives Its Price Up

            Shortage of raw materials has led to Resveratrol 98% HPLC price increase. Various excipients are needed to produce Resveratrol and price of these excipients also have risen. Factories are not sure when the subsequent raw materials will be available after the production of their current new batches. For various reasons, Resveratrol 98% HPLC is in short supply, which consequently leads to its price increase.

            In 2018, the demand for L-Leucine exceeds its supply, causing its price rise. This happened because government is strengthening supervision and control over environmental protection during manufacturers’ production process. Some L-Leucine manufacturers have stopped production because they failed to meet environmental protection standards. At the same time, demand for L-Leucine keeps increasing. All these factors lead to the situation that demand for L-Leucine exceeds its supply, deliveries are delayed, price keeps increasing and many suppliers refuse to quote. This situation is expected to last until August or September.

            Vitamin K2
            Vitamin K2 existed in the human body is mainly synthesized by humans’ intestinal bacteria. However due to the intestinal flora caused by abuse of antibiotics, the amount of synthesized Vitamin K2 is far from meeting human body’s needs. Therefore, the rest Vitamin K2 can only be obtained through diet and supplements.
            In fact, the amount of Vitamin K2 in daily food is extremely small, so it is difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of vitamin K2 from the diet. It is reckoned that humans need to have at least 5 kilograms of milk or 4 kilograms of beef per day to meet the required minimum daily intake of 45 ug Vitamin K2. Therefore, the use of supplements has become an important way to get vitamin K2.
            In the past five years, the growth rate of global Vitamin K2 demands has exceeded 200%, and the international market has expanded rapidly with a rate of higher than 50% per year. With the development and research of vitamin K2 at home and abroad, this market will exponentially experience an explosive growth in future.

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