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            Kangcare Facility

            Kangcare’s products are manufactured by advanced technology, and we never stop our steps to obtain more efficiency and high quality by studying innovative process and using newest equipments.

            Currently, there are three methods to produce products: fermentation, extract, and synthesis. Fermentation and extract are belong to bio tech which means bio methods are used widely in producing.


            Fermentation method is considered to be one kind of natural source, by microorganism’s metabolism in appropriate medium, and downstream separation, very pure products can be produced. These products are like sodium hyaluronate, coenzyme Q10, DHA, ARA, alpha arbutin, some amino acids. The products advantages are high content, low impurity, natural, high efficiency.


            In fact, almost every product must take this method to separate. Here we just regard it is a certain idea to produce herbal extracts. These products are like gamma oryzanol, lutein, d alpha tocopherol, d alpha tocopheryl acetate, roselle extract, tribulus terrestris extract. The products advantages are natural, but the cost normally is high and not stable decided by the raw herb.


            By chemical reaction, some products can be produced. These products are like Vitamins, some amino acids, creatine pyruvate, sodium 1, 4-butanedisulfonate, etc.

            The quality control and products analysis are also very important. By testing samples from different process, we can ensure the quality confirm to our standards.

            Fermentation Tech

            Plant Extracting

            Synthesis Tech

            Quality Control

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