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            Our Culture

            To care, To share, To be well

            Life Options: Investing is for deep-in, Giving is for outstanding, Ordinary is for distinguishing, suffering is for skillful.

            Confidence is sunshine, act achieves dreams;

            Chasing makes full, Giving makes beautiful;

            My value is aimed at creating worth.

            Team work: Cherish each heart, love and help each other, One heart and one mind

            Caring and loving others, take pleasure for ourselves, enjoy your work, enjoy your life.

            Enterprise mission: work motives, service motives, growing up motives;

            Care human’s health & beauty with heart.

            Natural Health & Beauty, Nature’s Way

            Kangcare cherish human health and beauty with heart:

            1. Face pattern highlights that Kangcare cares life, regards human health and beauty

            as company’s mission;

            2. Face pattern shows that Kangcare core culture is people oriented;

            3. Heart pattern emphasizes that Kangcare staff working with heart, serving with

            heart, completing our mission with heart.

            4. Two green leaves like the opposite palms raising up, means cherishing

            5. Green is the main tone, and many green leaves, emphasizes that Kangcare staff

            mix the ideas of nature, environment‐friendliness and healthy with modern

            technology perfectly and harmoniously, to develop continually and constantly


            Kangcare has always been striving to be a leader as bioactive ingredients manufacturer & supplier in the world.

            Kangcare’s misson is to be the most excellent expert in developing, marketing and applying bioactive ingredients and providing solutions to final products.

            Kangcare has always been striving to be a leader in the development of hightech natural and health ingredients and food, nutrition and cosmetic products to help in pursuit of health and beauty, without sacrificing good taste and comfortability.


            -- Natural Health & Beauty, Nature’s Way

            -- To Care, To Share, To Be Well

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