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            Company Profile

            Kangcare - To care, To share, To be well.

            Kangcare is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based health and beauty solutions to customers. We always provide follow-up service, technical support and innovation suggestions, to meet customers’ demands and help them to be successful.

            Kangcare is the first company in China who develops and adopts its own quality system KIGHEI This system covers and integrates the advantages of ISO9001, ISO20002, GMP, and considers the traceability management concept of IP certification, to ensure the stability and reliability of supply, to help improve quality, safety and efficiency along the chain of value.

            Health and physical and spiritual wellbeing in conjunction with convenience benefits are the main requirements encountered in the wellness market. With the powerful R&D and application ability, we are able to provide various products according to requirements of different markets. The integrated service and solutions we offer allow our customers to focus more on the market exploration.

            Our Team

            We have a team consisting of extraordinary R&D professionals with broad experience in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, fine chemistry, pharmacy and nutrition. At Kangcare, chemical engineers, researchers and technicians deliver their expertise very quickly so as to give you a full and rapid visibility of expected results. Based on a certified quality approach, the objective is to present original products, easy to implement, of an irreproachable quality.

            We have a team consisting of best sales with views deep into the world markets. Our sales team can assure 100% professional services satisfaction and 100% customer satisfaction relying on our technical support, in-time reply, in-time shipment and etc. Kangcare are your just fastest-response partner in China. We will take action and reply your call and letter in 24 hours.

            The complaint mailbox for supervision president@kangcare.com, which will be checked firstly by the president, is waiting for your suggestions and advices in whole day during the whole week.

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