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            Technical Background

            A high-tech company based on and supported by:

            The Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology.

            JiangSu Province Innovation Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

            China Medical City, Nanjing University R&D Center,Taizhou.

            Scientists of Nanjing University (China), Nanjing University of Technology (China):Professor Hailiang Zhu,Professor He Huang, Dr. Junhua Wu, Dr. Yonghao Ye, Dr. Huiming Ge, Etc.

            Confidence in Hight Quality

            Quality Policy:

            Use traceability system to select the best raw materials

            Match the standard based on customers’ markets, and the even stricter standard of Kangcare

            Listen to clients’ needs and expectation to meet their demands in the most efficient way.

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